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Not exactly the new kid on the block..

Founded in May, 2023, Category 1 Music isn't exactly the “new kid on the block”! It's both a record label and music publishing company with a history of 40 plus years in the music industry creating house music classics. At Category 1 Music, there will be a renewed emphasis on creating soulful vocal house productions by the genre's most talented artists, producers and remixers.

The label's initial releases were “Won't Give Up” / George G-Spot Jackson & Ed Ramsey & “Magic Carpet Ride” / Aires Adora, both of which became top 20 hits on Music Week's Upfront Club Chart! Both releases feature remixes by Eric Kupper and were followed by Ron Carroll & Dr Packer's inspirational “A New Day”. These productions showcase a combination of the highest level of vocal artistry, creative talent and remixing skills. In the years to come, we're going to add many more exciting releases to Category 1's repertoire that will always emphasize the artistry and production magic of house music's most renowned DJ's and recording artists.

Along with Category 1 Music's soulful house and house music releases, its affiliate label Category 1 Trax, will be focusing on Afro/House and Afro, Latin, Brazilian rhythm inspired tracks by multi-talented DJ's including DJ Sneak, and the Latin/Miami flavors of That Kid Chris. Our labels will continue collaborating with well-known talents like Eric Kupper, Dr Packer & Ron Carroll as well as with other renownedproducers/remixers such as Michael Gray, David Penn, and Richard Earnshaw, all of whom will be teamed-up with iconic artists such as Terry Dexter & Shawn Christopher. In addition to these well-established vocalists, we 're also going to search for and work together with house music's next generation of rising stars. We sincerely believe that management's operational guidelines which have proven to be a formula that's worked exceptionally well in the past, will continue to produce club floor-fillers and radio programming favorites well into the future. Category 1 Music's web site will always strive to be a constant source of great info for fans of house music & music lovers everywhere ........ remember to check out our socials for lots more up-to-date happenings at Category 1 Music & Category 1 Trax.

We're definitely looking forward to some fun times ahead!
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