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Music Producer / DJ Ezel has been in the limelight of quality house music since its inception almost 14 years ago. Still, in the last 3 years, he has taken the scene by storm establishing himself as one of the soulful top house music producers constantly delivering chart-topping and floor-filling jams.

Originals productions such as his work with musical teammate Rona Ray for songs like “Hard to Stay Away” “Don’t Know Yet” or “History Repeating” and carefully curated remix work such as his afro house remix banger J.A.E. “Love Me Right” or the funk boogie filled action on his remix of Dezaray Down “The Real Deal” create the unanimous consensus that we are in front of a true musical powerhouse that knows no boundaries when it comes to creating amazing dance music with a timeless feel and with its own deeply authentic signature sound behind it.

As a DJ he has traveled the world with gigs all across the United States, Europe, and Japan. Just recently he shared the stages with greats such as Osunlade & Natasha Diggs at NYC Soul in the Horn party at one of the city's most exclusive venues club SILO in Brooklyn to a packed house leaving the audience asking for more. As he exchanges being a very sought-after session musician/engineer and producer with selective touring each year, last year also saw him grace the west coast of the U.S. and Mexico for the first time as he participated as one of the headliners of the famous Mi Casa Holiday event sharing the decks with none other than Louie Vega.
This year 2024 with the announcement of his new album project “Take Me Home” produced by himself and that features a duo partnership with the amazing singer Rona Ray, one of the hottest voices in the house right now, Ezel embarks on his first European tour in years and is about to grace for the first time, in a long-anticipated reunion the audiences of the UK, which sounds and vibes has brought so much inspiration and vision to his work.

The new album “Take Me Home” brings about a newfound excitement for this experienced producer who started his career as a protege of the infamous Osunlade back in 2009. Now the owner of his musical destiny and a proud owner of his imprint “Bayacou Records” which sees the majority of his work, Ezel procures to continue to elevate his status in the scene by continuing to build a reputation of being an exciting vibrant contributor to our music putting out constant quality work while impacting audiences worldwide.



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Produced by Ron Carroll
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