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A classically trained jazz musician, producer, DJ, remixer, songwriter, co-founder of the iCulture brand and Duffnote, One51, Guess Record labels, Richard has been nothing short of prolific when it comes to output, having featured on a long list of labels including Soulfuric, Defected, Large, Reel People Music, Groove Culture, Salted Music, Purple Music, MoreHouse, Swing City, Peppermint Jam, Hed Kandi, Ministry of Sound, Sony Music and many more.

Under his various collaborations and pseudonyms, notably Spiritchaser, One51 and Inner Spirit, Richard has co-written, produced and remixed some of the industry's great icons and isn't exactly short of his own personal musical achievements working with and including the likes of Roy Ayres, Jocelyn Brown, Ursula Rucker, Natasha Watts and Kenny Thomas on his own original material securing his place as a regular name on radio and dancefloors the world over. This consistency has not been confined to the studio. With club and stage performances all over the world for some of the most prominent clubs and promotions in the industry, a reminder of Richard's musical foundations most evident with the blending of DJing and live instrumental performance.
Richard's love affair with radio began in 2008 with his very first show/podcast - Sugar Soul which ultimately morphed into the establishment of iCulture Radio. Coupled with the ever popular iCulture events in London and Europe, Richard is also a regular on Mi-Soul Radio ever developing his unique approach to musical entertainment.

For Richard Earnshaw, music is a passion, a joy, a fundamental necessity of life . “ is a privilege, humbling to know that by creating and performing music, you're telling a story, letting people into your life, providing an insight into the way you tick, an emotional connection, escapism from every day toil, where people can immerse themselves in music, in song and forget all demands of life, even if only for a short time.. ”



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